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Today I attended Jump – “online and offline marketing, all joined up” at Old Billingsgate.  It was a surprisingly useful event, organised in four channels – Lead, Analyse, Optimise and Engage.

I attended:

Data is the new oil. So how do you refine it?

Overload. Is there too much data to make sense of it? Which data should you be measuring, and how much resource / budget should you be allocating to mining the knowledge?

Metrics. What are the most valuable metrics to multichannel businesses? Which KPIs are really worth focusing on? How can online data inform offline strategies and operations (and vice versa)?

Timescales. Are you stepping back to see the big picture? Are you obsessing about “a single currency” for measurement? To what degree is faith and judgement more – or less – important than informed opinion based on the numbers that really matter? How do you judge risk?

Embedding digital CRM in the business: Marketing vs. IT

In this session the speakers will take you through two perspectives, IT and Marketing, on how digital CRM was launched and embedded into BBC Worldwide culture. How do you get marketing and IT working towards the same goal? And how do you convince the rest of the organisation to join the journey?

Managing conversations across online and offline

InSites Consulting, who are pioneering new forms of online market research, and are past winners of an Econsultancy Innovation Award, will be talking for the first time about the results of a fascinating piece of research they are conducting over the Summer 2011.

They are running a large scale study in four major markets in order gain a good understanding of:

1. How branded conversations differ between offline and online

2. What activates brand conversations per product category (topic, driver, sentiment)

3. The impact of the context (location, presence of others) on conversations

This study will help companies to gain knowledge on how to manage conversations, both offline and online. The research methodology combines social media netnography and mobile research to report branded conversations at any time and location.

Intuition – Beyond Experience

If you ask people to come with examples of brands that deliver outstanding customer experiences then first direct is almost always cited. So we really wanted to hear from them not only about they how manage to consistently deliver such outstanding joined up experiences but their vision for the future of engaging with customers.

Indeed, Stewart is going to be talking about ‘beyond experience’ and what he sees as the next level in creating multi-channel customer experiences.

Highlights for me:

  • Offline and online attribution
  • Tech and marketing working together for CRM

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