Content Marketing Show 31 May 13

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On Friday I attended Kelvin Newman’s (and sponsors’) excellent Content Marketing Show, held in the very pleasant Logan Theatre at the Institute of Education.

On the whole a day well spent – not only because of  the speakers, but also from the added value of being amongst others that care about this stuff and the expanded user experience through social media.

Here’s my notes of the day – not every speaker included:

Sir Alex Ferguson’s way of building the best (content) team, Danny Denhard, from

Danny talked about selecting and managing a team as an analogy of managing Manchester United. For me, there was too much football, but I liked the goalkeeper requirement: someone who’s safe, pays attention to detail, agile, and does legal.

How to create content people have to share,  Laura Edwards, Nitter Natter, @laurahelen


  • Content so good people want to share it.
  • Content Production Value & capability. Effort
  • Research: look at  Trendsmap etc.
  • Pay attention to execution of content discovery and sharing. Give a reason to follow and share.

Developing an editorial mindset in a non-editorial business, Dan Fielder, Sticky Content

Venn diagram of your domain of expertise & what audience wants – find the overlap – even if it’s niche.

Growth in “how to” searches. Answer a question, grow your content. Get experts involved in content generation.

Robots, Gumballs and Marxism, Ben Redford, Mint Digital

Lessons from connecting “things” to the internet – Olly and Polly that smelled sweet or gave you a sweet (respectively) in response to tweets. You can build a community if you have engaging content – even if it’s niche.

Great content marketing is about great storytelling, Tony Samios, Caliber

  • Importance of punchline. Humans built for stories
  • Connect people through time and across generations/cultures
  • Technology presents opportunities and challenges to storytelling.
  • There isn’t anyone you couldn’t love if you didn’t know their story Finding Nemo guy
  • Make me care
  • Wolfdog old spice ad

Content Strategy > Make data your friend, Simon Penson, Zazzle, @simonpenson

Content Marketing Show 2013 from Simon Penson

Search a bit eclipsed by Social

Facebook Power Editor – lets you get into fb data – demographics, people like you like this too

What is the right mix of content?,  Sarah Howard, Red Rocket Media

What is the right mix of content for your brand? Find out in 5 simple steps from Red Rocket Media

Good content metrics:

  • visits
  • views
  • bounce
  • time spent
  • conversions
  • inbound links
  • rankings
  • unique and repeat visits
  • social shares
  • comments

Selling the Content Marketing Story, Pak Hou Cheung, BlueGlass UK

Content marketing show 2013 selling the content marketing story – 29.05.2013 – cv from Pak Hou Cheung
  • Awareness
    • Raise awareness to prospects
      • Make sure infographics tell a relevant story

  • Consideration

  • Purchase
    • Inspire your audience to buy

What is success in content marketing?  Of course it’s specific to your project.  Slides.

Making video work for your brand, Amanda Poole-Connor, TNR, the Press Association

Video is big…


Putting conversion into content, Justin Taylor, Graphitas

Putting the conversion into content – Justin Taylor from Justin Taylor

How is (content) success measured? NOT vanity metrics – likes/retweets/+1s/ Pins. Look beyond social shares to conversions



  1. Define your objectives
  2. Understand audience
  3. Use audience’s  language and writing style and scope to audience
  4. Focus on headlines 5 x as many read headlines as body copy
  5. Anchor products into content. Avoid dead ends. If they’re interested to do something, they’ll be interested to buy –  make sure you link to product
  6. Calls to action and triggers e.g “free returns”
  7. Content with visual impact
  8.  Add value eg: ‘buy the look’ feature on Asos
  9. Never stop testing
  10. Play to win

Smarter Content, Matt Roberts, linkdex

only smart content gets shared

Smarter mnemonic

  • S specific, significant, sharable
  • M Measurable, meaningful, memorable
  • A Appropriate, ambitious, aligned
  • R Relevant, results-driven, resonant
  • T Timely,targetted, trackable
  • E Engaging, enjoyable, evergreen
  • R Rewarding, reassess, reaching

Which of these (in each row) works to make smarter content?

New community at #smartercontent

Submit case studies!


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“…most users reach for search, but they don’t know how to use it” Balanced scorecards

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