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“…most users reach for search, but they don’t know how to use it”

Jakob Nielsen strikes a combative note about most users’ search skills.

Most users are unable to solve even halfway complicated problems with search. Better to redirect their efforts into more supportive user interfaces when possible.

via Converting Search into Navigation.


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Search Analytics for Content Strategists


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Google: old algorithms not fit for purpose – now it’s social and structure

Just read two thoughtful articles by Peter YaredGoogle already knows its search sucks (and is working to fix it) and

Why Google is ditching search. And also John Batelle on It’s not about search anymore its about deals.

These articles look at deeper issues that Google integrating Google+ into search results, but Google+ is. perhaps a wake up call to what’s happening.

Batelle says, “…search is supposed to be about showing the best results to consumers based on objective (or at least defensible and understandable) parameters, parameters unrelated to the search engine itself.”

But as Yared points out, Google has always been a bit social “if it helps, you can think of PageRank as a kind of paleo-social search–just one that moves way too slowly for the modern Web”. Search results are also increasingly gamed and commercialised – via  paid search, content and link farms and organisations’ investment in search engine optimisation.

So Google has been increasingly refocusing its results, reducing the value of signals from PageRank and links and pushing ‘regular’ results down and, often, below the fold.

(Credit: Peter Yared/CNET)

With predictive search – suggesting or pushing users to certain queries, and a greater prominence to answers, Google has the opportunity to reduce the long tail and monetise the search results page further. For organisations seeking to maintain their visibility in Google, there will need to be a move away from ‘traditional’ search engine optimisation. They will need to publish structured data that can seed ‘answers’ and publish content that encourages engagement in social media by potential audiences and, of course, engage themselves.

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Cookies, metrics, search and citizen-facing websites

Nick Breeze and I talking with Alex Henry and Helen Olsen at an ITU webinar.

“Why, where and when do citizens bail out of online transactions? How does this impact digital by default aspirations? And how can you help citizens overcome the blocks? Join ITU live and experts from the new Government Digital Service (GDS) to talk cookies, metrics and search for public sector websites.”

Despite the title, we didn’t talk about cookies much.

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BBC search

Just reread Matthew McDonnell’s blogs about BBC search:

Definitely some sound lessons  here, I think:
  • Serve scoped results from the domain user is in first
  • Get away from just a list to categories of results
  • Easy access to results from other/all domains
  • Ensure related content is never hidden
Would be interesting to see click-through data for different parts of the SERP though.

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Search for integration: Twitter feed

Twitter as curation. Here are the tweets from the IAB’s Search for integration event held at Yahoo!, London today
tina23948 tina23948
IABUK : Search must be better integrated says IAB #iabsearch #search #iab
thompsondigital Steve Thompson
Just reading through the #iabsearch timeline – some gems of info, thank you
CharlyLevene Charly Levene
really useful presentation from Ed Chater @somoagency #iabsearch – teaching people the importance of #ROMPOM
edcha Ed Chater
Thanks to all @ #iabsearch today. Give me or @somoagency a shout if you would like to learn more about ROMPOM!!!
AndrewGirdwood Andrew Girdwood
Search is not just words and phrases, says Microsoft’s Cedric Chambaz #iabsearch
nicholasbeck nicholasbeck
Good fiesty panel session #iabsearch thanks to andrew, emily, will, liz, stuart and emily
ISMSearchSocial ISM Search & Social
@IABUK: Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! together at Search for Integration #iabsearch” It’s a beautiful sight to behold!
ISMSearchSocial ISM Search & Social
The closing sentiment is… experiments with online and offline marketing will define the future of successful Search Integration #iabsearch
AllisterF Allister Frost
Turns out that if you want to have social influence in search results, the best thing to do is be influential online. #iabsearch
Google, Microsoft and Yahoo! together at Search for Integration #iabsearch
Twitter is “news made better” – Colm Bracken, Microsoft #iabsearch
wearerenegade Renegade Media
Bing fuses search with your friends collective recommendations #iabsearch
peterbjordan Peter Jordan
RT @jackwallington RT @IABUK: 1 in 4 queries go unanswered because search engines give the wrong answer – Colm Bracken, Microsoft #iabsearch
1 in 4 queries go unanswered because search engines give the wrong answer – Colm Bracken, Microsoft #iabsearch
ISMSearchSocial ISM Search & Social
Reach ’em with TV, close ’em with Search – Colm Bracken – Microsoft #iabsearch
ISMSearchSocial ISM Search & Social
Mobile makes other media more fun and engaging but make sure you educate your audience first – Ed Chater #somo #iabsearch
wearerenegade Renegade Media
In store mobile use can cause a gap in attribution of marketing spend #iabsearch
jackwallington Jack Wallington
If you’d like to tweet a question to our Bing, Google and Yahoo! Panel on future of search integration, let me know #iabsearch #iabuk
thisisnumero Zoe Colclough
RT @AndrewGirdwood: 70% of people use mobile in store, Google. #iabsearch
A key hurdle for mobile search is that it takes 40 seconds to enter a 15 character search term on a mobile – Ed Chater, Somo #iabsearch
wearerenegade Renegade Media
Voice search through tags is growing to facilitate mobile search #iabsearch
peterbjordan Peter Jordan
Fascinating preso on mobile search differences from somo #iabsearch
AllisterF Allister Frost
Average mobile search = 15characters / 30keypresses / 40seconds#iabsearch
uzi_1 Uz
Interesting stats RT @IABUK 50% of consumers who see a mobile ad take action – Ed Chater, Somo #iabsearch
jon_white Jon White
RT @IABUK: For every £85 spent driving traffic to websites, only £1 is spent optimising websites – Nick Jones, I Spy #iabsearch
wearerenegade Renegade Media
Traditional ads are driving mobile search, mobile behavior differs from desktop behavior, points to differentiated mobile site #iabsearch
50% of consumers who see a mobile ad take action – Ed Chater, Somo #iabsearch
jackwallington Jack Wallington
ROMPOM just trumped ROPO in my top acronyms list, from Ed Chater at Somo #iabuk #iabsearch
peterbjordan Peter Jordan
Mobile search now at #iabsearch. 40% smart phone penetration. ROPO is becoming ROMPOM
wearerenegade Renegade Media
Telephone tracking is vital for understanding research online purchase offline via call centre #iabsearch
Emilyelbow Emily Knee
It’s about understanding how it all fits together. So simple yet like walking through treacle to achieve.#iabsearch
efrontier Efficient Frontier
RT @peterbjordan: “Search doesn’t create the market it captures it” Gudeman, Efficient Frontier #iabsearch
peterbjordan Peter Jordan
“Search doesn’t create the market it captures it” Gudeman, Efficient Frontier #iabsearch
CEDRICtus cedric chambaz
Search may not create the market, but search can capture the market #iabsearch
wearerenegade Renegade Media
Single reporting console is vital for agency collaboration on brands #iabsearch
NMA’s Will Cooper chairing a session at Search for Integration #iabsearch
peterbjordan Peter Jordan
“Think about search early when designing site or campaign. Not a bolt on & not just analytics & keywords at the end.”. #iabsearch
ISMSearchSocial ISM Search & Social
The RAC and O2 giving some great insight on their integrated approach to search #iabsearch
One of the worst crimes in search was that it used to be considered as a bolt on – Andrew Girdwood, Big Mouth Media #iabsearch
wearerenegade Renegade Media
O2 are moving search to a customer service perspective. Brands are beginning to address search earlier in the planning process #iabsearch
nicholasbeck nicholasbeck
Great session #iabsearch integration. More about tracking, models less about practicalities of integrating channels
peterbjordan Peter Jordan
Good to hear @hitwise_uk‘s Robin Goad re mapping search intent & socio-econ data #iabsearch
Cevah abes
RT @IABUK: 42% of uk online marketers said increasing brand awareness was the primary objective for search – Simon Turner, Yahoo! #iabsearch
DigitalSherbet Digital Sherbet
RT@IABUK For every £85 spent driving traffic to websites, only £1 is spent optimising websites – Nick Jones, I Spy #iabsearch #twidter
peterbjordan Peter Jordan
RT @ISMSearchSocial Use consistent messages, #iabsearch YES USE CONSISTENT MESSAGES
42% of uk online marketers said increasing brand awareness was the primary objective for search – Simon Turner, Yahoo! #iabsearch
ISMSearchSocial ISM Search & Social
Hitwise say 42% of UK marketers use search to increase brand awareness #iabsearch
wearerenegade Renegade Media
42% of online marketers said increasing brand awareness was their search goal #iabsearch
YahooAdbuzzUK Yahoo! Adbuzz UK
Up next, Simon Turner at Yahoo! to talk about search research offline behaviour driven by online marketing #iabsearch
ISMSearchSocial ISM Search & Social
Use consistent messages, schedule search to amplify offline activity, optimise social & make sure tracking works for attribution #iabsearch
ISMSearchSocial ISM Search & Social
How offline drives online – Jobsite increase online visibility by 138% during TV advertising #iabsearch
peterbjordan Peter Jordan
“£85 spent on paid advertising for every £1 on improving website to increase conversions” #iabsearch
efrontier Efficient Frontier
Emily Gudeman of Efficient Frontier just about to present at #iabsearch conference today @IABUK
Peppard Merinda Peppard
Emily Gudeman of Efficient Frontier just about to present at #iabsearch conference today @IABUK
ISMSearchSocial ISM Search & Social
First session concludes that search has a positive effect on all marketing activities, not just online. #iabsearch
wearerenegade Renegade Media
Channel neutral approach becomes more relevant as search converges #iabsearch
bmmSimon Simon Heyes
RT @AndrewGirdwood: 52% of those buying a TV offline engaged with online searches before hand, Fnac. #iabsearch
ISMSearchSocial ISM Search & Social
#econometrics explained at #iabsearch …..time to get your geek on
wearerenegade Renegade Media
Attribution is arbitrary, it doesn’t tell you about cause. Econometrics & experiments are key to understanding influence #iabsearch
Online consumers have moved on from the simple ‘I see, I like, I buy’ journey – Colin Schabort, Mindshare #iabsearch
ISMSearchSocial ISM Search & Social
Bring research and attibution together to understand the offline influence of search on sales… Got it! #iabsearch
CEDRICtus cedric chambaz
Reach, cost efficiency… Different angles to same research on which media delivers best. TV and Search are clear champions. #Iabsearch
wearerenegade Renegade Media
Outdoor ad activity has significant positive impact on search #iabsearch
CEDRICtus cedric chambaz
Vodafone using geographic targeting to model impact of search on instore footfall and conversion: 27k new subscriptions. #Iabsearch
wearerenegade Renegade Media
Geo targeting can be used online to test effect on in store activity for online and bricks and mortar retailers #iabsearch
peterbjordan Peter Jordan
RT @AndrewGirdwood 52% of those buying a TV offline engaged with online searches before hand, Fnac. #iabsearch
AndrewGirdwood Andrew Girdwood
52% of those buying a TV offline engaged with online searches before hand, Fnac. #iabsearch
GuavaUK GuavaUK
RT @CEDRICtus: RT @AllisterF: Referral misattribution routinely undervalues the influence and power of search #iabsearch
GuavaUK GuavaUK
IAB calls for re-evaluation and re-education about search’s role in marketing mix. – #iabsearch
ISMSearchSocial ISM Search & Social
Tracking measures the touchpoints of search & not the overall influence of search… Interesting point as search goes more social #iabsearch
wearerenegade Renegade Media
Tracking measures touch points, not influence in search activity. #iabsearch
peterbjordan Peter Jordan
Current modelling undercounts role of search #iabsearch
AllisterF Allister Frost
Referral misattribution routinely undervalues the influence and power of search #iabsearch
AndrewGirdwood Andrew Girdwood
40% of buyers used search before buying offline, UKOM 2011. #iabsearch
thompsondigital Steve Thompson
Watching #iabsearch @iabuk – thanks for the tweets
AndrewGirdwood Andrew Girdwood
48% of shoppers who search and buy online use a mixture of branded and generic terms in their search journey, UKOM 2011 #iabsearch
wearerenegade Renegade Media
Search creates a multiplier effect for brands other marketing activity #iabsearch
AJinteractive AJinteractive
@IABUK: Search is the foundation of all good integrated marketing – Jack Wallington, IAB #iabsearch” #promocodes #seo
ISMSearchSocial ISM Search & Social
48% of shoppers use both branded and generic search terms in their purchase process #iabsearch
CEDRICtus cedric chambaz
2/3 brands acknowledge doing no to little to integrate search with the rest of media mix, but 99% want to get better #iabsearch @adcenter
wearerenegade Renegade Media
2/3rds of advertisers believe search is partially or not integrated with the rest of their marketing mix #iabsearch
AndrewGirdwood Andrew Girdwood
35.5m people in the UK use search each month. UKOM, 2011 #iabsearch
AllisterF Allister Frost
100% of agencies and 99% of brand owners feel that search could be better integrated into the wider media mix #iabsearch
35.5 million people use search each month in the UK (UKOM) #iabsearch
peterbjordan Peter Jordan
At #iabsearch. Just kicking off. Search is key to integrated marketing, but currently isn’t .
Search is the foundation of all good integrated marketing – Jack Wallington, IAB #iabsearch
wearerenegade Renegade Media
Great turnout for the #IABsearch conference, search is still high on marketers agenda.
ISMSearchSocial ISM Search & Social
Search is the foundation of all good integrated marketing #iabsearch
ISMSearchSocial ISM Search & Social
#iabsearch At the IAB Search For Integration event – good line up so should be good
YahooAdbuzzUK Yahoo! Adbuzz UK
Simon Turner – Yahoo! UK Search Strategy highlights key findings from new research into Search after lunch @IABUK #iabsearch @yahooUKSearch
hsaracho hector saracho
I think the key factor in the article is 5) Complementary RT @IABUKSearch must be better integrated says IAB – #iabsearch @
YahooUKSearch Yahoo! UK Search
Yahoo! on stage today at IAB Search For Integration, hosted at Yahoo! Towers. Learn why Search must be fully integrated #iabsearch #ppc
Search must be better integrated says IAB – #iabsearch
CEDRICtus cedric chambaz
Part of panel on future of search RT @IABUK: Keep up with today’s Search for Integration conference with #iabsearch –
Keep up with all the action from today’s Search for Integration conference by using the hashtag #iabsearch –

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Search for integration IAB conference

I attended a very good conference organised by the IAB on search as the foundation of all good integrated marketing.

Agenda was:

1.00 – 1.10pm
Tales from the Search for Integration
Why search integration is of such importance to all marketers. Whether you’re from a traditional or digital background, search can make your campaigns better.
Jack Wallington, Chair IAB Search Council

1.10pm – 1.30pm
Integrated search insights
The latest findings from research into the effect of search on other media, from traditional to digital
Mark Riseley, EMEA Market Insights, Google

1.30pm – 1.50pm
Top Tips for Evaluating Search Integration
Delving deeper into the way in which brands can investigate search integration in a multimedia mix
Colin Schabort, Business Director, Mindshare

2.05pm – 2.25pm
Search Integration: How Leading UK Brands Have Delivered Success
A presentation showcasing two brands, Links of London and Job Site, that have successfully integrated search into the media mix.
Nick Jones, I Spy

2.25pm – 2.45pm
Search driving offline sales
Exploring the way in which search marketing can help drive offline leads and sales as well as online activity.
Robin Goad, Research Director, Hitwise & Simon Turner, Search Account Director, Yahoo!

2.45pm – 3.15pm
PANEL: The Realities of Search Integration
A panel debate that takes everything we’ve heard so far and asks the tough questions about the realities of search integration
Chaired by Will Cooper NMA

Liz Wood, RAC
Nick Beck, Tug
Stuart Bryce, O2
Emily Gudeman, Efficient Frontier
Andrew Girdwood, Big Mouth Media

3.30pm – 3.50pm
Integrating Mobile Search
With mobile internet usage growing, so is mobile search’s role in the consumer path-to-purchase. But integrating mobile search isn’t as easy as you may expect.
Carl Uminski, Somo

3.50pm – 4.10pm
Integrating Social Media & Search
In many ways, search and social media have the makings of a beautifully integrated relationship, but is anyone perfecting it?
Colm Bracken, Group Search Manager,Microsoft

4.10pm – 4.30pm
PANEL: The Future of Search Integration
By the end of the afternoon we will have convinced you of the importance of search integration, so what next? Will search integration grow or lessen in importance? Will it change and evolve, or have we almost cracked it? Or will the search engines release something radical to change everything we thought we once knew? Find out…

Mike Riseley, Google
Cedric Chambez, Microsoft
Simon Turner, Yahoo!

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