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Avery says…

… “Alphagov needs to be ‘as good as Google’ to work”.

“The managing director of digital agency E3 has told the Drum that the government’s new experimental Alphagov website will have to “as good as Google” to be a success.

Stuart Avery’s company has worked extensively with government clients and has been COI rostered for design and build since 2005.

He said Alphagov, which is the government’s attempt to merge all of its websites into one single portal, will survive or die depending on its search functionality.

“As search is the primary navigation, the site’s success or failure will fundamentally depend on how effective that search is,” Avery told The Drum.

“They are building Google for Government sites and the search engine needs to be as good as Google for it to work.”

He described the site, which is currently out for public consultation, as a “grand aspiration”, however questioned its feasibility and stated that it was difficult to provide such a large volume of content and functionality across the government departments.

“DirectGov has already tried this with a reasonable amount of success, however, I would say because of the vast differences between government departments, and the subsequent end users they support there still does seem
to be a need for separate websites,” he explained.

Avery also explained that not every user wants to navigate via search and recommended that a mixture of browse and taskbar-based navigation be used.

He also stated that the landing experience away from needs consideration too, as many links will lead to another website which could be confusing for users.”

Well, it’s not Google for government – the Single Domain will be information, tools and services; prioritised for users and based on users’ needs.

And in fact there is much commonality across government departments – they all have “what we do”, press releases, policy information, guidance etc.


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