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Designing Search: As-You-Type Suggestions

Designing search: nice summary of autocomplete -> autosuggest -> instant results by Tony Russell-Rdse.…

Summary here:

Although most of us are familiar with Google’s iconic “I’m Feeling Lucky” button, few of us use it; we know that search problems of any complexity require an iterative approach, comprising the creation and reformulation of queries. As-you-type suggestions have become invaluable in this experience. Auto-complete is better suited for known-item search and simple information retrieval tasks. Auto-suggest works well for exploratory search and complex information seeking tasks. And instant results provide a direct channel from queries to answers.

Use auto-complete to:

  • Facilitate accurate and efficient data entry
  • Select from a finite list of names or symbols

Use auto-suggest to:

  • Facilitate novel query reformulations
  • Select from an open-ended list of terms or phrases
  • Encourage exploratory search (with a degree of complexity and mental effort that is appropriate to the task). Where appropriate, complement search suggestions with recent searches

Use instant results to:

  • Promote specific items or products

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Google Search-based Keyword Tool

Google has introduced a new Search-based Keyword Tool which generates keyword and landing page ideas that, it claims, are  “highly relevant and specific to your website. In doing so, the tool helps you identify additional advertising opportunities that aren’t currently being used in your AdWords ad campaigns.”

So it provides a useful competitive analysis tool, letting you see which keywords Google thinks are relevant to a site or site section. Of course, it’s also suggesting potential keywords to bid on as Adwords and if you sign in with an Adwords account then the list is fuller and more customised.

I had a play and found quite sound suggestions for public sector sites, as the example shows:

Google search-based keyword tool - Lambeth

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